Here I Go Again, On My Own

Today is the first kid-free day off I have had since December 8th. You can’t imagine the list of things that need to be done.

I can’t even count how many times I have sat down at my computer, moved the mouse and then internally shouted, “double A batteries,” while also (internally) shaking my fist in frustration.

Have I mentioned that I am crushing this whole “single working mom” thing?!

Just kidding–it is mostly crushing me.

This morning, while drinking my coffee, I wrote up my list of things to do. I took my giant 25-item list and chose my top 16–you will notice that laundry is on there 4 times. It could easily have been the only thing on my list, but I would probably get overwhelmed and give up.

25 minutes into my day, and I’ve already accomplished 3 items on my list! Of course, now I feel so accomplished, I might have to take a nap to recover from the stress of making four phone calls in under 15 minutes.

Wish me luck–this motivation might not last much longer!