I’m Hip, I’m Cool

I’m somewhere between Dr Evil and Dr Nefario (telling people, “I’m hip. I’m cool,” and also shouting, “what?! Who is this??”). And of course my movie references are proof of that. A teenager in 1997; a mom in 2010. Of course, anyone who has to self-profess their coolness, obviously isn’t. Although as I’ve stated before, my Mom thinks I’m cool (MMTIC, because my sisters and I needed a short-hand to make the statement EVEN cooler. If you’re honest with yourself, I bet YOUR Mom thinks YOU’RE cool too, so really, how cool can you be).

I’m so flipping cool.

I became SUPER cool yesterday when I got myself SnapChat, or “The SnapChat.” Honestly, the kids I work with (20-somethings who are closer to their teen years than they are to their thirties) laughed quite a bit when I asked, “isn’t snapchat the app for cheating on your spouse??” What do I know!?

I also just added “Nap” to my To-Do list. Because I’m old.

My kids have actually been bugging me since winter break to jump on the snapchat bandwagon. My sisters introduced them to the fun things you can do, turning yourself into puppies, or bugs. And then a girl at work showed me the videos our friend Erin has been sending her since joining the Air Force, and I miss Erin. She’s a more outgoing version of me, but equally as squirrelly, and a decade younger. And in the Air Force. And want to get videos of her feet dancing around in green socks and her lip syncing while brushing her teeth. Weird people like weird things. She was my aquatics partner in crime, and in a month when we start getting the waterpark ready, I won’t have her by my side, being weird and working as hard as I do. I love the young people, but sometimes the work ethic is lacking.

I learn so many amazing things from the kids at work–they’re making me cool.

Low-key: I spent weeks thinking everyone was referring to Loki, and I could not for the life of me figure out what the Norse God had to do with much of anything, but young people are silly. Google to the rescue, and I realized just how wrong I was! But really, you shouldn’t slip “low-key” into every sentence. It is to 2016/17 what “like, totally” was to the ’90s.

Mashed Potatoes: I burst out laughing when a guy last week said, “you don’t want him to become mashed potatoes.” What?! Why!? I LOVE mashed potatoes! They’re delicious! When I finally stopped laughing uncontrollably and was able to ask, it turns out it means “soft.” Good thing I asked–I would’ve been telling everyone Justin was “mashed potatoes,” because he’s Cheesy and I love him.

I just added shower to my To-Do list. Because I need to be reminded. Because ADD is weird like that sometimes. Ok, because I’m weird like that sometimes. I don’t mean to be–I just keep putting it off and putting it off, and next thing you know my kids are home from school and I’m telling myself I’ll shower before bed. Then I fall asleep on the couch and tell myself I’ll do it in the morning. Next thing I know, Justin is asking when the last time I showered was, and telling me I’m gross. Maybe it’s the depression. Maybe I’m just gross. He’s so mashed potatoes.