This is the Beginning of a Whole Lot of Nonsense!

Congratulations to me! My first ever blog! And thank YOU (no, really, thank you for reading what is most likely going to be a whole lot of nonsense). My husband might also thank you, since my writing things down and sharing them with the ENTIRE WORLD, might mean that when the kids go to bed at night, I won’t just open my mouth and talk, and talk, and talk, and talk, while he continues to tune out the long-winded monotony that it most of my days.

Wow, I really have a way of talking myself up, don’t I?! Aren’t you just DYING to continue on into the seriously sidetracked mind of me?!

Honestly, I should be cleaning. My kids are at school, my husband’s at work, I am alone in a moderately messy house. I have nothing but time. I mean it–I have absolutely zero motivation, so all I really have is time. And Seasonal Affective Disorder. And ADD. And Clinical Depression. And absolutely NO motivation to clean my house. Because, you know, rain. In my defense (I always have an excuse, and I like to think they are legitimate. I’m sure they aren’t. I’m sure there are plenty of people who struggle and still put their big girl panties on and fold laundry), I ALSO have a sleeping puppy who is desperate for snuggles, and a grumpy old pug who probably won’t get out of bed until some time MUCH later in the day. Nothing sucks the energy out of your like sleeping dogs. Well, sleeping babies as well, but I’m SO done with babies. I like sleep. I also like my free time when they’re off at school (you know, when I’m supposed to be getting things done and justifying this whole Stay at Home Mom thing I do).

I start out most of my days with a solid plan of what I will accomplish that day. I set my standards pretty low, so as not to disappoint myself. Of course, then activities like Leaving the House come up, which basically throws all plans out the window. That and the rain. Oh, to be a person who sees a rainy day as a chance to be inside, getting stuff done! Oh, to be a person who enjoys having a clean house MORE than she enjoys snuggling on the couch with a puppy and Netflix.


How can I get anything done when this girl crawls into my lap and falls asleep?!

I have now reached the point where I’ve gotten SO sidetracked, I have no idea where I was going with this in the first place. See, isn’t this fun?!

For the record, I DO work. Part time. Very part time. At a not-at-all-adult job. Yes, while MOST people become lifeguards in high school or college, as a job to pay for things WHILE going to high school or college, I decided that I would never grow up, and so here I still am. Working a job where I am at least a  decade older than my co-workers. It’s fun though! And I am able to be right here, every day when my kids get home from school.

The truth is, I was a full time Stay at Home Mom for a solid 6 years. My house was SOMETIMES clean (mainly if people were coming over. Which happens about once a year. Thankfully). I am one thousand percent grateful to Justin, my husband, not only for putting up with me, but also for providing me WITH the ability to BE a SaHM. If we were real adults, out in the real world, and he WEREN’T in the Army, my butt would definitely have to get a REAL job. For the record, Justin would make a WAY better Stay at Home Dad than I am a SaHM, but I would hands down be one of the worst soldiers in the Army. I can’t even imagine wearing ACUs in the summer in Kentucky, let alone in any country where the temperature goes up into the triple digits daily. I would be SO SWEATY!

So, you know, I’m here. Doing this. Because, why not? Maybe you will relate to my nonsense. Maybe you will think I need to find a hobby (oh my gosh I promise you, my list of hobbies is never-ending. Maybe I need to just grow up? I don’t know what I need. Does anyone though). Hopefully we can all have fun. There’s nothing more fun that this (remember? It’s raining. This is it)!